The Kidney Disease Solution


I’ll tell you how. There are four key points.

The first thing to know is that there is good scientific research that points the way to how kidneys can be healed. In fact, this research is lying around in plain sight.

For example, consider this medical study performed by doctors at the Halberg Medical Hospital and Research Institute in India. They looked at a group of 97 kidney disease patients, some of whom were already on dialysis, and others who were not there yet. And the doctors treated these people with a nutritional supplement over a period of just 12 weeks.


You know what the results were?

> Creatinine and urea nitrogen dropped significantly.
> And the number of people on dialysis?
> That number was cut in HALF.

The crazy thing is, this little supplement is just ONE approach that can be used to treat impaired kidney function.

Here’s a second study performed at the Chibe Institute of Technology in Japan. So patients with kidney failure, who were undergoing dialysis, started taking a supplement tablet.

And after just 4 weeks, the scientists observed significant drops in urea and creatinine levels in those patients. Even more importantly, physical strength, appetite and sleep of patients in the test group improved significantly compared to the control.


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