The Cinderella Solution System


Because I think by now,
You KNOW the last thing you need or want is another Workout DVD

Or fad-detox some skinny fitness model is raving about on Instagram.


And let’s be honest,

I know you’re “just done” with all those point-counting, pill-pushing companies that empty your pockets with proven-to-fail-schemes,

….And I’m with you girl,

I know right now you’re probably saying, “Fat IS the problem”

But hear me out here and follow my words closely:


This is simply your body switching from
“find-a-mate” mode to “procreate” mode.

And because it’s our job as women to carry on the human race,

We end up building bodies that look great for making and protecting our babies…

….and not so good for the beach and little black dresses.

And listen,
I know your goal in life is to be more than some baby-making machine,

But from a biological standpoint,
The female body only cares about two things:

1. Staying Alive and,
2. Making More Lives

Think about it,
Your body is literally designed to build a bigger, warmer and softer environment to help you create the next generation of humans.

So that’s why when you use traditional diets, exercise and pills that treat the problem from the outside-in,

You are actually fighting ongoing losing battle against 200,000 years of evolution,

While damaging your hormones and dismantling your metabolism with every pound you lose.

That’s why as soon as you stop dieting or working out,

Your body starts to gain all the weight back almost immediately while punishing you with headaches, depression, irregular periods and poor sleep.
Sound familiar?
That’s your body literally saying,
“I don’t think so Missy!”
This is all beginning to make sense, isn’t it?

All those diets that have you counting points, carbs and portions that force intense cravings and binge-eating actually damage your insulin causing uncontrollable weight gain, insulin resistance and diabetes.

And it’s these high-intensity routines, DVD’s and grueling fitness classes that actually skyrocket cortisol levels doing irreversible damage to your joints while creating microscopic scars on your heart.

And please don’t tell me you’ve thrown your money at commercial weight loss clinics like Weight Watchers, Dr Berstein –
I know they work for a little bit but 92% of us gain the weight back while priming estrogen levels for constant headaches, irregular periods and endometriosis along with ovarian, breast and cervical cancers.
Now again,
The last thing I want to do today is scare you.
In fact, the opposite is true….


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