The Language of Desire,


Words to Make Him Yours


And to reach that goal this new program needed to accomplish 3 things


It had to be EASY!

As close to “Done for you” as possible so you don’t have to worry about coming up with the words or memorizing a bunch of stuff.



Which is why this language teaches you how to INSPIRE a man to give you what you want and need so much.



For me to feel satisfied this system had to be more than just dirty words on a page. Just by allowing yourself to experience this program you’ll transform your whole attitude towards men and sex and open yourself to a whole new world of intimacy, connection and pleasure…

Here’s just a tiny sample of the secrets you’re going to learn and the amazing results you’re going to get when you get the Language Of Desire program today…

The Pavlov’s Erection

Use this and you’ll condition a man
to become unreasonably turned on
and vibrating with desire for you
every time you whisper a seemingly innocent phrase of your choice
in his ear.

Next you’ll discover the
secrets of “The Cuddle

And how to trigger a massive rush of
this “magic love potion” in his mind
so he shakes with desire, sees you as
his one and only love and would
do anything to keep you safe.

Quick Quiz: What’s the one word
that a man desperately wants to hear
his woman say (but that almost
no woman does?)

The “Sexual Singularity
is a powerful word that
hammers a man’s
attention to you and
makes him feel more
desired and appreciated
than any woman has
ever made him
feel before.

Next you’ll get “The
Tease Intensifier
how to slowly “raise
the heat” with a man
so he clutches
the table with
unbridled lust…

(Barely able to contain the
smile on his face.)

Important: You’ll also
learn the trick of how
to plant a “Desire Seed
in a man’s mind…

This controversial technique allows
you to tell a man EXACTLY what
YOU want in bed so you get your
fantasies met…

Without any fear of being
embarrassed. In fact, you’ll discover
that using this technique creates a
intimate bond between you and a
man where his desires and yours
become one and the same.

Next I’ll introduce you
to the “Erotic Action
” technique…

I’ll show you how to use texts, Skype
or the phone to create a vivid
emotional MOVIE in his head where
he’s the hero you’re the woman
he’d do anything for.

Moment by moment, scene by scene
you’ll use feminine vulnerability to
inspire himmotivate him and make
him feel like the MAN he’s always
wanted to be.

SIDE EFFECT: Use this method on a
guy and don’t be surprised if he starts
getting up earlier, smiling more, doing
more for you around the house,
taking you on amazing dates or
even treating you like a QUEEN.

What about those times you just
can’t have sex?

I know I’ve had times when I thought I
couldn’t please a man because my
body was betraying me or we just
didn’t have time. Or when I could feel
his frustration because he was so
horny and I just wasn’t in the mood.

That’s why I came up
with the concept of
The No-Touch Lay”…

Do this and you’ll both feel like you
had deep, connected, rafter-shaking sex without taking off a single item of
clothing and without even touching.

I don’t even have time to tell
you about…

The “Monogamous Male
” which
makes him BEG to be
yours and only yours

One simple erotic phrase that makes
a guy actually WANT to take out
the trash…

The Romance
” which
activates the deep
(and sometimes
hidden) romantic
impulse deep in
his mind…

And so much more

Sick of your guy looking at porn
and ignoring you?

You’ll get the “Porn
” phrase you
can use to make him
turn off the computer,
chase you into the
bedroom and SEDUCE
you as the gorgeous
woman you are, right
in front of him.

Always wonder what really
turns him on?

The “Erotic Telepathy
” allows you
to crawl into his mind,
past all his defenses
and discover his
deepest, most passionate fantasies…
fantasies he’s not even
consciously aware
he has.

Warning:Using this technique is like having
the true core of a man projected
onto a 30 foot movie screen for you
to see. ONLY use this if you want to
know a man on a truly deep level.

You’ll get so excited when you
use this one…

I call it the “Lust
” technique…

This method is so easy to do, but
so powerful…

It allows you to actually create a
feedback loop” of desire between
you and your man…
Where the more turned on you
are, the more turned on he gets…
The more turned on he is, the
more turned on you get…

Until you’re both aching with mutual
desperation… The heat builds like
volcano until he’s finally almost-
forced to take you in his arms…

This next one isn’t for the
faint of heart…

It’s called the “Oral
” phrase to
use when giving your
guy head that makes
him feel worshipped,
adored, taken care of
and willing to slay
 to keep you
in his life.

He won’t know what came over
him… but will know you’re the only
 that can make him feel “right”
ever again.

Remember when you were a
teenager and just kissing made you
feel like you were on fire? I know
you want to feel that again…

Using my “Invisible
Chastity Belt
” method
you’ll turn up the
erotic intensity by
taking sex OFF the

He might gently complain at first…

But then he’ll nibble at your neck,
kiss your lips like ice cream, hold
you against him, claw at the wall
and tell you EXACTLY how much
you turn him on…

Next we’ll go to new levels of
dirty wonder

With “The Madonna

This has nothing to do with a pop
singer and everything to do with YOU
getting truly in touch with the most
erotic you…

Using a simple exercise you’ll learn to
totally relax sexually…

To open yourself to new levels of

The first time YOU hear this new
moan come out of your mouth you’ll
be shocked…

The first time HE hears it? He may
growl. He may burst into tears.

He may whisper an awe struck
Thank You” in your ear for making
him know what it’s truly like to
be a man

And that’s not even half of what
I’m giving you in this sacred and
powerful program…

Or “The Friend To
” method…


ONLY use this if you’re sick of being
friends with a guy and want
him to SEDUCE you… Once you
say this there’s no going back


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