Healthy Pregnancy Summit


Learn How You Can Minimize Your Risk Of Complications, Miscarriage And Developmental Disorders

 Discover How You Can Have A Safe, Full-Term Pregnancy And A Healthy Baby

You Can Reduce Your Worry And Have A Healthy Pregnancy!

  Our 20+ Experts Will Teach You How To Finally…  

Have The Best Chance For Successfully Conceiving
Every aspiring mother-to-be who has had challenges conceiving knows the  soul-crushing feelings of that little voice telling you “It’s your fault.”  You’re not alone!  If you’ve had trouble conceiving or are thinking about having a child, we’re going to show you how to avoid the struggle.
Learn How To Eat Foods  That Support Healthy Fetal Development
You are what you eat… in actuality, you are BOTH what YOU eat!  That’s right, you are eating for two and your baby’s fetal development can be greatly impacted by your nutritional choices, even the “healthy” ones.  Learn what to eat and what to avoid to give your baby a healthy start in life.
Know Which Supplements And Medications You Can Take
Not all supplements are created equal and, in fact, some are worthless if not dangerous to you and you baby!  Find out how to pick the right supplements  and where to find them without feeling like you need to go to medical school.
Avoid Complications During Pregnancy And Childbirth
No mother is immune to the risk of complications during pregnancy and it’s a scary thing to think about.  Our experts will teach you exactly how to minimize your risk of complications so that you can finally rest easy and with confidence!
Get Support For Your Unique Pregnancy Situation
Every pregnancy is unique just like every baby is unique.  Find out how you can reduce expenses, eat healthier and maximize your opportunity to give birth to a beautiful, happy baby.    No matter what difficulties you may be facing, you’re not alone anymore – we’re here to give you the support that you need even if you feel completely alone.
Leverage The Expertise  Of Medical Professionals
Get your questions answered by the world’s top doctors and experts in the fields of conception, pregnancy and motherhood.   We’ve organized and produced this virtual summit event just for you – to give you the knowledge, confidence and courage to enjoy your pregnancy experience with a sense of joy and accomplishment!
Meet Your Summit Hosts
James Adams, PhD

James B. Adams, Ph.D., is an internationally known scientist whose research focuses on health disorders in children and pregnancy, and he has published over 160 scientific articles.

Dr. Adams is a President’s
Professor at Arizona State University, and Director of the Autism/Asperger’s Research Program there.

Dr. Adams is the Chair of the Science Advisory Board of the Neurological Health Foundation (“NHF”) in which he directed the development of the NHF Healthy Child Guide.  He also led the development of the Healthy Nest Prenatal Supplement, which is the first prenatal tailored for each trimester.

Debby Hamilton MD, MSPH
Dr. Hamilton is a medical doctor with a Masters of Science in Public Health degree. She has successfully counseled hundreds of couples on the steps necessary to maximize the likelihood of a full-term healthy pregnancy resulting in a healthier child.

Moreover, Dr. Hamilton has dedicated her medical career to treating children with autism and ADHD. She is triple board-certified in pediatrics, integrative medicine and physician nutrition. She regularly attends national events to speak about reversing increasingly common childhood chronic health disorders. In addition to being a sought after speaker, Dr. Hamilton is a respected author who has written books about “Controlling Risk Factors Before, During & After Pregnancy.”

Lastly, she is the Teaching Physician for The Neurological Health Foundation (“NHF”) and co-authored the NHF Healthy Child Guide with other members of the NHF Scientific Board.

What You’ll Learn During The Summit…
Access These Amazing  Presentations From Our World-Class Experts

Victoria Maizes, MD

How To Increase The Odds Of A Healthy Conception

10% of couples are infertile and many also have difficulty conceiving. Learn the best times to conceive, how to improve your diet and avoid toxins, and the optimal time to wait between pregnancies to increase your chances of a healthy conception.

James B. Adams, PhD & Debby Hamilton, MD, MSPH

How To Have A Safer Pregnancy And A Healthier Baby 

30-50% of pregnancies result in serious complications, including miscarriage, anemia, gestational diabetes, and more. Learn about common pregnancy complications, child health disorders and how to reduce your risk of them.

Rebecca Pierson, MD

Fertility Evaluations And Treatments

Fertility problems are common and challenging but are often treatable. Learn about the common causes of infertility, approaches to improve male and female fertility, and in-vitro fertilization.

David Haas, MD

Morning Sickness, Nausea Prevention And Treatment

Morning sickness/nausea are common during pregnancy, especially during the first few months, but some women have much worse symptoms than others. Learn how to reduce the risk of nausea, and how to safely treat it.

James B. Adams, PhD

Optimal Prenatal Supplements 

Prenatal supplements are extremely important for preventing birth defects and enhancing the health of mother and child. However, prenatal supplements are unregulated, and vary greatly in quality. We have analyzed over 350 research studies to help you pick the best ones.

Alexis Temkin, PhD

How To Reduce Your Exposure To Toxic Chemicals

Chemical and toxic exposures are a major infant health problem, and studies have measured over 150 toxic chemicals present in the umbilical cord blood. Learn how you can greatly reduce your exposure to toxic chemicals in your food, water, air, home, work, and cosmetics.

Debby Hamilton, MD, MSPH

Why You Should Meet With Your Doctor Before You Become Pregnant

The first few weeks of pregnancy are the most critical for brain and body development, so you want to be fully prepared BEFORE you become pregnant. Meet with your doctor BEFORE you become pregnant to reduce risks.

Julie Matthews, CNC

What Foods To Eat And Dangerous Foods To Avoid

It is especially important to eat a healthy, organic diet during pregnancy. Learn what are the most important types of foods to consume and what foods should be avoided.  Learn what weight gain is reasonable during pregnancy.

Parijat  Deshpande, MS

Reducing Stress During Pregnancy: A Mind-Body Approach

Stress is common during pregnancy, and especially during high-risk pregnancies. Learn a mind-body approach to reduce stress during pregnancy.

Lily Nichols, RDN

Gestational Diabetes:  Prevention And Treatment

Gestational diabetes is a dangerous condition that affects about 5% of pregnancies in the US. Learn if you are at risk of gestational diabetes, what you can do to reduce those risks, and how to treat it if it occurs.

Winifred Mak, MD, PhD

Minimizing The Risk Of Miscarriage

Miscarriages occur in 15-20% of pregnancies in the US. Learn how to significantly reduce the risk of miscarriage, the warning signs and what to do if a miscarriage appears imminent.

Anthony Shanks, MD

High Risk Pregnancies

High risk pregnancies include teens, women over 35, previous pregnancy complications, and special health conditions. Learn what are high risks, what type of monitoring and treatments should be considered, and why a preconception visit is important.

Ashley Zimmerman PT, DPT, PMA-CPT

Sex During Pregnancy

Sex does not need to stop during pregnancy. Learn what types of sexual activity are safest and recommended, what types need to be reduced or stopped as pregnancy progresses, and how to best deal with your partner when they want to have sex, but you don’t.

Jennifer Huberty, PhD

The Best Exercises During Pregnancy 

Exercise is important throughout life, and especially important during pregnancy. Learn what is the best amount and type of exercise, what types should be avoided and how to gradually reach those goals even if you are not currently exercising.

Debby Hamilton, MD, MSPH

Why You Should Measure Your Vitamin D Prior To Or During Pregnancy

Vitamin D is the “sunshine” vitamin, and many women do not get enough.  Learn why it is important, how to test levels, and how much to take if it is low.

James B. Adams, PhD

Why You Should Measure Your Iron Before And During Pregnancy

About 28% of women develop iron-deficiency anemia during their third trimester, which impacts their health and their baby’s development.  Learn why it is important to test for and treat iron deficiency.

Brian W. Salmon, BS, RT

The Expectant Father

Learn what the father or partner can do to help the mother during pregnancy and to prepare for birth.

Elizabeth Reifsnider, PhD, RN, FAANP, FAAN

Finding Financial And Medical Support For Pregnancy

50% of births occur to women with low incomes. Discover the financial and medical resources that are available to pregnant women and mothers, including Medicaid, WIC, and food stamps, and how to obtain insurance if you don’t have it.

Brooke Kalisiak, PT

Simple Tips To Ease Pregnancy Pain

Many women experience lower back and pelvic pain during pregnancy.  Learn what you can do to reduce that pain, and why a visit to a physical therapist can help.

Jennifer Huberty, PhD

Yoga And Meditation During Pregnancy

Discover the benefits of yoga and meditation during pregnancy, and the best ways to start and/or continue during pregnancy.

Laurel Wilson, BSc, IBCLC

 Breastfeeding Preparation 

Breastfeeding is critical for infants, but some women have problems starting and/or continuing it.  Learn how to prepare for nursing, how to deal with common problems, why it is beneficial, and how to determine how long to nurse for.

Debby Hamilton, MD, MSPH

Reducing The Risk Of Autism And ADHD

Autism and ADHD have been rapidly increasing. Learn the latest research on how to significantly reduce the risk of autism and ADHD.

Erica Peirson, ND

The Truth About Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome is a genetic condition that affects about 1 in 1000 births. Learn about new educational and medical approaches that are helping them lead happier and healthier lives.

Sonia Ribas

Healthy, Easy Recipes For Pregnancy

Do you want to eat tasty, healthy, easy-to-prepare foods? Discover new recipes for yummy food that will give you and your baby the optimal nutrients you need.

David Harris, PhD

The Benefits Of Cord Blood Banking

Learn about why cord blood banking may be helpful to your child’s future from one of the leading experts in the field.

Thomas Hale, PhD, R.Ph

Medication Use During Pregnancy

Learn which prescription and over-the-counter medications need to be reduced or avoided during pregnancy and how to talk to your doctor.

Shazi Visram

Reducing Exposure To Toxins During Infancy 

Toxic chemicals and pesticides are major risk factors for healthy development.  Learn about how to avoid them to keep you and your baby safe.

Ashley Zimmerman PT, DPT, PMA-CPT

Preparing For Childbirth

Learn how to prepare for a safer, easier, and less painful childbirth. Know the critical signs of premature labor, and when you should go to the hospital. Explore your different options for childbirth, and how to best deal with pain.

Other Summit Topics May Include…

Preventing Pre-term Birth

Approximately 10% of births are pre-term, resulting in greater health risks and developmental delays. Learn what you can do to reduce the risk of pre-term births, and what to do to best support an infant if they are born pre-term.

Emotional Support And Hormones

Learn how to deal with hormonal and life changes, and how to gather emotional support by talking with your family and friends. Explore how to talk to your baby’s father about your pregnancy, and the role that they want to play in the life and care of your child.

STD’s And Pregnancy

STD’s can present significant complications for mother and baby. Learn what are the signs and symptoms of STD’s, how to test for them, and what to do if an infection is present.

C-Sections:  Risks And Recovery

Today in the US, about 1 of every 3 babies is born by C-section. Learn why the rate is increasing, what you can do to reduce the risk of C-section and what you should do to rest and recover.

Considering Giving Your Child Up For Adoption?

Giving up a child for adoption is often a difficult choice, but in some cases may be the best choice for the mother and child. Learn more about the legal and emotional challenges of giving a child up for adoption or placing your child with relatives.

The Guide For Single Mothers

In the US, 4 of 10 births are to single mothers, who face many additional emotional, financial, and life challenges. Learn how to deal with those challenges and be a successful single mother. Learn how to navigate the challenges of involving the father, and the financial obligations and legal rights that they have.

Workplace Safety, Maternity Leave And Getting Your Job Back

There are many employment issues to consider during pregnancy. Learn how to make your workplace safer, how to request maternity leave, and your legal rights for returning to work.

Double Trouble!  Twins And Multiple Births

Twins can be a wonderful blessing, but also involve some extra challenges. Learn about the health implications of carrying twins, and how to best care for them. Discover the best parenting strategies for coping with twins.
We’ve Left Nothing Out of This Exceptional Educational Experience!  


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