14 Day Beauty Detox


Former model who HATES to diet reveals…

The Ultimate Beauty Reset

What nobody is telling you about the real reason why you feel so tired and puffy all the time – and how to banish both forever

without drastic lifestyle changes.


Dear New Girlfriend,

I’m so glad you’re here.  I know, that’s not what you usually read when you land on a page like this, is it? 😉

After all… we’re just barely meeting and already I’m confident that we’re going to be good friends.

I have good reason to believe that… which I’ll share with you in just one minute.

First:  There’s something you should know about me:

I’m authentic and real.   (“To a fault”, my husband would say!)

Maybe he’s right.

But I would rather be authentic, heartfelt and real rather than petty, deceitful and fake.  Heaven knows… there’s already enough of that going around.

So while this page may be pretty to look at… with carefully chosen fonts… and pictures… and graphics… and all that “stuff” my marketing consultant said is necessary…

The reality is this:

This page is really an open letter to women over 35 who are tired of being tired…

Who KNOW there is a better way to live life…

And who know there is absolutely a simple way to live that leaves you feeling Fit, Vibrant and Healthy!

The good news is…  You’re right!

And in this letter, I want to share with you just ONE of the really simple ways you can make that happen… starting today.

But first, I want you to imagine this with me:

​How would you feel if you went without sleep for 48 hours?

​Would you feel fantastic… or would you feel tired… perhaps a bit anxious

​Chances are you’d notice that your face looks tired, and that your skin has a few new stress lines…

You may even notice that you feel bloated, drained, and foggy-minded.

Now imagine 72 hours… At 72 hours, you’d feel very weak…

Your mind would slow to a crawl… and your daily tasks would feel as if you’re climbing a mountain with rocks strapped to your back…

And, at this point, you would do virtually anything for a good night’s sleep.

So now:

What if I told you that your most vital internal organs… the ones responsible for keeping you young, full of energy, and burning fat all day…

Were even more exhausted than this?

As if you were forced to stay up 3 full days without sleep… week after week, month after month… year after year?

And that this “internal insomnia” is the result of a modern-day condition that only a handful of doctors know how to manage?

Are There Foreign Invaders

Crawling Inside Your Body?

Here’s what I’d like you to do:

Touch your tummy right now.

Due to this new condition, the food that’s inside your tummy right now… the breakfast, lunch, dinner or snack you ate a few minutes or a few hours ago… is causing you to age faster…

​This condition lets foreign invaders in your foods and common household items to enter your tummy and your digestive tract…

​They cause a digestive and age-draining war inside your body… and you need to get them out fast!

Picture it:

Your poor, tired insides….working triple-overtime… draining your energy, and creating the stress that causes fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, and belly fat…

All while those sneaky invaders rob your bones and even your brain of the vital nutrients you need:

Nutrients necessary to keep your skin young, your energy maximum, and your body lean…

This is exactly what’s happening to you, right now.

And this is why you owe it to yourself to read this short letter to the very end.

It will be the most important time you invest in the health of yourself and your family, and nothing is more important.

The really scary part is that it doesn’t matter if you’re eating a “healthy” diet…

Or if you’re eating a typical Western diet, full of processed foods and sugar…

No Matter What You Eat, You ARE

at Risk of This Condition…

And while you are not at fault, you certainly must take action to prevent it from harming you further.

Now, there is good news:

You’ll be relieved to know that you don’t have to:

Permanently change your nutrition habits to erase years of damage caused by this condition…

(in fact, very easy changes will make you look younger, more refreshed… as if you just spent the entire day at the spa to get pampered…)

And rest easy:

​You won’t have to buy any fancy supplements or choke down shots of bitter “liquid grass”

​However, I must warn you… you must

Take Immediate Action or the Side Effects

Can be Life-Draining

If you just go on about your day and…

Your energy levels will continue to decline, day after day…

You will continue to put on weight in all the wrong places…

And those pesky ‘signs of aging’ will speed up, perhaps to the point of wreaking havoc on your personal life.

So, what is this condition?

It’s a condition that cannot be “caught” like a cold…

It has nothing to do with “genetics”…

And it’s one that is next to impossible to avoid if you live in a city with a population of more than a few thousand people…

And the consequences are far more serious than you may believe.

It’s a very sneaky foe…

It lurks in the shadows, displaying symptoms that seem as if they are a “normal” part of the aging process

Yet, they are far from normal, as they are aging you at the speed of light.

These symptoms that I’ll share with you in just a moment are signs that…

You May Suffer From What Experts Now Call

Digestion Induced Fatigue (DIF).

As is:

  •  Fine lines and wrinkles forming rapidly
  •  Loss of your mental clarity
  •  Emotional disturbances
  •  Lack of sexual drive
  •  Painful or early menopause symptoms
  •  Social anxiety

  And more…

Now, the really good news is that this condition doesn’t require drugs or pills of any kind to erase from your body…

In fact, drugs often cause DIF… many common over-the-counter drugs are some of the leading culprits…

And, even more great news:

You Can Rid Yourself of DIF in as

Little as 14 Days

With a simple yet unique combination of foods…

Creating a sensation of life-giving energy… on tap all day long… and restarting your body’s natural fat-burning pathways…

Giving your mind and your body what you truly deserve:

A much needed vacation on the inside.

What’s great is that this entire healing journey doesn’t require you to sleep a minute longer at night… although you’ll feel as if you’ve slept like a baby when you wake up tomorrow morning…

And it takes literally minutes a day to do.

Now, people may ask you some rather odd questions during the next 14 days…

​“Did you get a facelift?”

​“Did you just get out of the spa or something?”

​“Have you lost weight?”

After all:

When your body is alive and healthy on the inside, your outer body reflects it… and, when you are healthy and rested on the inside, you always look more attractive, more energized, and younger on the outside.

The question is: “Do you have DIF?”

I’m going to give you The DIF Quiz in just under a minute…

Once you take this short quiz, you’ll know for sure that you have DIF.

If you do, rest easy:

I’m Here to Help You Through it

Let me introduce myself properly first:

My name is Makayla Leone, and I’m the Co-Founder of Fit, Vibrant and Healthy.

I’ve spent my entire adult life as an advocate for easier, more simple… and more FUN… ways of healthy living (especially now in my 40’s!)

Let’s face it… once we hit 35, there are challenges we face with our bodies that we never had to worry about in our 20’s.

Unfortunately, the media today seems obsessed with youth… so as we age it’s difficult to find the right information about how to deal with the changes we face.

It’s taken me years of trial and error… and using myself as a guinea pig to test everything out.

DIF is one of the leading causes of:

  • Rapid and uncontrolled weight gain
  •  Skin disorders
  •  Indigestion
  •  “Early Sleep”… you feel more tired than you should at night, and less rested when you wake up…
  •  “The Snooze Syndrome”… hit the snooze button when you wake up?  It’s a symptom of this condition…

But today, I am proud to share what I have learned with other women who are committed to looking and feeling better… without having to spend a fortune to do it.  🙂

However, not long ago my husband started to change.  Normally he was full of energy.  But he started to just get run down.

He was napping in the middle of the day… needing a couple of energy drinks just to make it to dinner.

And in the bedroom… well… let’s just say it was getting really lonely… and I felt completely disconnected.

I insisted that he go to the doctor for a check up.  When he came home, I was sure things would be better.

Instead, my husband told me that his doctor told him that is was “just stress.”


The catch-all phrase that doctors use when they can’t figure out what’s wrong with you!

I was upset… but what could I do?  The doctor had spoken and… you know how men get with other men in authority.  If the doctor said it… “then it must be true.”

I tried to deal with it the best I could… but there was one morning where everything changed.

When I came out of the shower, my husband was sitting on the edge of the bed looking absolutely miserable… and what he said when he saw me looking at him broke my heart:

Frankly… I was terrified.  Of course, my heart hurt because my amazing, youthful husband was disappearing right before my eyes…  and I felt completely powerless to stop it.

I don’t know about you… but when serious moments like this happen… I put my detective hat on and I go to work

I became obsessed with trying to figure out what had happened to my husband!

I Was Like a Sherlock Holmes for Health…

“I feel like I’m an 89 year-old man who’s stuck in a 42 year old body.”

It took me weeks and weeks to figure it out.

I watched every medical video I could find on Youtube…

Read every “biohacking” article I came across…

Skimmed through every single health book my local library had…

But… wouldn’t you know it… it wasn’t until I came across some old copies of Woman’s World magazine that I finally found the answer.

And My Dear Dr. Watson… The Game Was Afoot!

See if any of these sound familiar to you:

  • Emotional swings…
  • Aging skin…
  • Hair problems…
  • Low libido and loss of interest in sex…
  • Feeling tired almost every morning, no matter how long you sleep…
  • An inability to concentrate for as long as you used to…
  • Feeling bloated after eating a food you’ve enjoyed for decades…

There it was right in front of me…

It was much deeper then the ‘generic’ diagnosis for stress… and it wasn’t anything that another prescribed “pill” would be able to solve.

As with most good things that work… the answer was just a little bit of old school midwifery wisdom.

Modern day eating was wearing out his digestion… he was suffering from “digestion induced fatigue!”

And there was only one fix for it… I had to turn to natural solutions for the answer.


The Answer Was a Simple Combination of Everyday Foods, Consumed in a Specific Way.

And what do you know? When he followed the program, my husbands entire life turned around!  (Mine too!)

He went from tired all the time, to having more energy than the Energizer Bunny…

(Thank GOD… if you know what I mean… 😉  Seriously… I was dying over here!)

But the big thing that jumped out at me was how much better his skin looked… it was as if he went back a few years in time… as if the younger version of him that I married was now looking back at me in the morning.

It was amazing!

And maddening… because, well… dammit I wanted that too! lol!


So we BOTH started to follow this new way living and the results were just as good for me.

Today… it’s YOUR TURN.

Can you imagine how amazing that’s going to feel for you?

Did you know that few mainstream doctors consider DIF a serious problem? I have my suspicions as to why…

There’s a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry that literally depends on keeping you sick…

Yes, some of these companies produce life-saving medications, and that’s wonderful… however there’s a sick plot going on in my opinion…  and the opinion of many within that industry.

Think about it:  If you could cure disease simply by eating certain foods… if you could… why would we even need Big Pharma?

Well, DIF is definitely curable through food alone… which is why most doctors know little to nothing about the condition.

Ever heard the term, “You need your beauty rest?” Well, I’m talking about giving your whole body the beauty rest it so desperately needs… rest from the inside-out.

Sleep alone will not do it…  and while you may feel as if you spent a week at the spa, the rest I’m talking about requires not one extra second of your time.

This “Beauty Rest” is all about resting your digestive organs and your immune system.

Right now, you are spending about 25% of your daily energy on digestion alone… which is why the condition is called Digestion-Induced Fatigue.

Your Digestion is Wearing You Out… From the Inside-Out… and Aging You Faster in

Every Conceivable Way

You digestive system also depends on your immune system being healthy.

However, you are accidentally consuming chemical poisons that have been snuck into:

  • Your foods
  • Your skin care products
  • About a dozen household items that you have sitting in your kitchen and bathroom right now
  • And even “safe” things like baby formula, health foods, and even some vitamin supplements!

Let me share a bit with you now about digestion, and why it’s so vital for you to pay attention to this often-overlooked anti-aging secret:

As I mentioned a minute ago… 25% of your body’s energy is required just to digest your food.  There’s the thing though… some foods are harder for your body to handle… therefore they take even more energy.

This is why you can sometimes feel super tired in the early afternoon… even if you ate a “healthy” lunch.

And that is just the tip of your energy-draining iceberg.

You see, you were never designed to be digesting food all night long… for a hundred thousand years, we ate in “spurts.” We would feast, then we would do without food for days on end.

Rest assured: I’m not asking you to fast… or do without food at all…  there’s a better plan… one that now allows you to feed your way to digestive rest!

I’ll cover how shortly, so keep reading…

Then there’s the drain on your immune system that’s caused by these hidden toxins.

When I reveal a few of them later in this letter…you may actually feel upset that these poisons are legal…

and actually allowed into things you put on your body, your children’s bodies, and that you use daily… unaware of the risk, simply because you’ve never been told the truth… until now.

Quick Test:

Do You Suffer From Digestion-Induced Fatigue?

First, we need to see if you have DIF right now.

If you answer yes to two of the following questions, your odds of having DIF are rather high.  And if you answer yes to three or more, you almost certainly have DIF:

Question 1:

Have you ever woken up in the morning and felt the need to sleep longer, as if you were not well-rested, even after sleeping 7 or more hours?

Question 2:

Have you ever experienced skin problems such as acne, dry skin, skin that easily bruises, easy or rapid formation of new fine lines, excessive wrinkles, or uneven skin tones?

Question 3:

Have you ever felt bloated or gaseous after eating a meal, even if you didn’t radically overeat

Question 4:

Do you crave sugar or sweets, especially at night?

Question 5:

Do you catch a cold or get sick more than once a year, or have you taken antibiotics in the past five years?

Question 6:

Has anyone ever commented that you look “tired”, even though your sleep habits didn’t change?

Question 7:

Finally, do you eat out more than once a week?

If you said “yes” to any three of these questions, you almost certainly have DIF. And even if only have one or two of these conditions, your odds of getting DIF are higher than they should be.

The good news: this isn’t your fault… In fact, DIF is very common.

Here’s why DIF affects so many of us:

Did you know that humans never ate “three square meals” a day for the vast majority of our time on earth? Your body simply wasn’t designed with modern food and the 21st century in mind.

Your present-day genes do not know what to make of our modern-day foods.  We’re the only society in the history of the world that literally has too much to eat… and that eats all day long…


Forget Starving Yourself

or Suffering Through FAD Diets!

I’m not asking you to stop eating… I’m not even asking that you go on a lifestyle diet of any kind.

I’m asking you to gently coax your body into resting it’s digestive system…  to just dip your foot into the pool of energizing nutrition and see what it feels like… and just see what it feels like.

I’ll share the exact plan with you in a minute, so please… keep reading.

Now, what about those toxins I was mentioning? Can I ask you to prepare yourself?

You Absolutely Must Hear This…

However, it won’t be pleasant. Still, your family’s health as well as your own depends on it.

Did you know there are 75,000 different artificial toxic chemicals that have been created since 1940?

Demand the Healthiest,

Most Energetic Life Possible

They’re in your favorite snacks…  Your diet soda or energy waters…  In your shower … and all over your home.

​In fact, they hide like bandits in places you would never suspect. These killer toxins and chemicals are not something you can see or taste or feel… yet they’re out there in droves… millions of tiny particles that permeate your body.

​Through the air you breathe… the food you eat… the water you drink (especially bottled water)…  and ‘everyday things’ your skin rubs against.

Now, before you think, “Oh no, I’m going to have to live like a monk to avoid these toxins!” …

Rest assured:

The plan I’m about to share with you is for women (and men) who live in the real world. And who, like me, do not want to give up the simple pleasures in life… yet who also

Let’s take a closer look at some of these toxins.

Here’s one of these nasty toxins…it’s called benzene.

Benzene is a known energy killer and can literally destroy your immune system…  making digestion of youth and health-enhancing nutrients next to impossible.

Benzene is lurking in:  Rubber, lubricants, dyes, detergents, drugs, pesticides, glues, paints and furniture wax

And the list continues:

  • It’s in the exhaust from every car on the road
  • It ekes out from the evaporation of gas at every single gas station
  • It also comes from the billions of people who blow cigarette smoke into the air all day long
  • Benzene has made its way into your water supply, too!
  • It’s trickling down on you when you shower
  • It’s seeping into your skin when you bath
  • It’s coating your dishes when you wash them

        And, if all of that wasn’t scary enough:

A Toxin That Travels Through Your Bone Marrow and Stores Itself in Your Fat Cells

Ever wonder why we’re seeing so many issues with weight gain within our children…  and in our own bodies?  It’s partially due to benzene.

Benzene severely affects how easily your body burns stored body fat. Now you know why that last diet may have left you feeling disappointed, and why our children are becoming more and more obese every year.

So, as you can clearly see:

There’s nowhere to hide from benzene. You simply must give your body a defense against it.

Now, just in case you think I’m being a touch too dramatic… have a look at this:

“Brief exposure (even 5–10 minutes) to even lower levels of Benzene… can cause drowsiness, dizziness, rapid heart rate, headaches, tremors, confusion, and unconsciousness.”

“Everyone is exposed to Benzene every day… Benzene levels in the home are usually HIGHER than outdoor levels.”

(Direct Quotes from the United States Government’s Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry)

Yep… if you feel tired all the time, get headaches or even find yourself distracted or forgetting why you went to a room in your house… chances are Benzene could be an issue.

However, benzene isn’t the only foreign invader in your body right now…

Take a peek at this little devil:

Maybe you’re familiar with this one.

It’s something criminals use to kill people. It is ‘literally’ a poison… and it’s called cyanide.

Yet, what you might not know is this:​

According to the National Center for Disease Control and The Food and Drug Administration:

“Cyanide is found in a number of foods and plants… including almonds, millet sprouts, lima beans, soy and more…”

Now, that’s some of the healthiest foods you can eat, and yet they’re tainted with deadly cyanide!

How did this happen?

It’s because cyanide is routinely used in industrial machinery… the same machinery that tills our soil, plants our crops, and harvests our food supply.

These are just two of the thousands of toxic chemicals that act like health and energy vampires… and your body is constantly being assaulted by these toxins.

It doesn’t take long for all these toxins to build up inside you and make you feel all clogged up.

And your digestive tract, which functions much like a pump, becomes clogged… draining you of vital nutrients, vitamins, and protein that your body absolutely must have… in order to age normally and give you energy.

And you end up with:

  • ExhaustionLow energy
  • Foggy brain
  • Irregular bowel movements
  • Sleepless nights
  • Bloating
  • Excess fat and cellulite
  • Dull skin and hair
  • Skin disorders… and:
  • Hormonal hell!

That’s enough to make anyone feel less attractive, over-fat, irritable and frustrated!

Whew… that was a lot to cover!

Right now… you may be feeling a tad overwhelmed… curious as to what to do next… and how you can reverse DIF, restore your energy…so that you look and feel younger.

I’ll share exactly how in less than one minute. First, let’s do a quick recap of what you learned today:

Right now, your poor body is trying so hard to process all these toxins on top of any processed foods you may be eating.

First, you found out about DIF, or Digestion-Induced Fatigue…

and how the toxins in your foods and poisons in our everyday products… down to our water supply… create the condition.

You also now know that DIF affects you even if you’ve been eating healthy… and especially if you haven’t been eating well.

And that unless you do something to reverse the condition, you will age faster, gain more weight, continue to have nagging skin issues… and risk losing out on the things in life you value the most.

Fortunately, you also know there IS a solution to DIF:

One that reverses the condition and gives your body an “inner beauty rest”… ensuring you…

Reset Your Most Vital Hormones for Boundless Energy and Vitality!

With that in mind…

I have really good news:

We at Fit, Vibrant and Healthy have taken those initial “experiments” that I did on my husband to reverse his condition…

expanded on them… improved them… and then designed a simple 14-day plan to completely solve the problems of Digestive-Induced Fatigue.

This included restoring your fat-burning hormones… smoothing out fine lines caused from the stress of DIF… neutralizing those dangerous toxins… and giving you back the energy you need and deserve!

The 14-Day Beauty Detox™ Program


A Powerful New Program Where:

You are going to look more beautiful…

You are going to feel and be more radiant…

You are going to lose weight…

You are going to get more restorative sleep…

You are going to wake up feeling refreshed and alive…

* Digital Product*

Image Used for Visualization Only

Better than you’ve ever felt before…

and you can experience that in as little as 14 days!


Try this simple, nutritious, and fulfilling Detox for just 14 days… that’s all I’m asking.

I’m not going to promise you a miracle… but you will certainly look and feel like one!

You’ll be maximizing the proven power of specific “Super Foods” available in just about any store to give your body the rest it needs in order to:

RESET your body’s metabolism and hormonal balance…

REVITALIZE your body’s weary organs and immune system…

RENEW your energy and your body’s ability to function the way it was designed to…

And the really amazing news is that…

The 14-Day Beauty Detox™ can actually save you money.

I’ll explain how in just a moment… for now…

It’s the near future… and you wake up feeling like a teenager.

You notice that your body is leaner… you’re more radiant, with energy that others notice and can’t help but compliment you about.

You also notice the extra looks… the glances from your friends and from your loved ones…  and it’s not just about looking so darn good that makes you feel so happy…

It’s knowing that your body is truly in the best health it’s ever been.

​It’s a high that doesn’t come from a shot of espresso or some cheap imitation “energy drink”…

​It’s your body literally saying “Thank You!” for giving it the rest it so desperately needs…  and your body rewards you in so many ways!

​Enjoy your boundless energy to play longer with your kids…

You’ll enjoy better mental focus for your job.

You will be able to easily fit into those clothes you have in your closet right now…  the ones you long to see fit again… as you experience encouraging weight loss… without having to restrict yourself to a harsh, unrealistic diet.

Now remember:

I’m not asking you to do this for 14 months … or even 14 weeks… it only takes one 14-Day Beauty Detox™ to experience all of these benefits, and more.


Rid yourself of DIF symptoms and start experiencing life the way it was meant to be lived… the way you deserve it to be.

You know, one of the key differences in The 14-Day Beauty Detox™  and other less healthy, more radical detoxes is flexibility.

I know you’re super busy, just like I am, so when I sat down to create this simple, easy to follow plan, I insisted on 3 vital things:

  • Simplicity
  • Taste
  • And Flexibility…

Just picture this:

After all, if it isn’t simple, you’re not going to stick with it. So we made it baby simple.  So simple in fact that anyone, anywhere can do it!  Yet we also made it tasty.

Because, if you’re forced to eat grass and drink chalk, well… let’s be honest: It’s not going to be fun… And tasty is fun.

Tasty makes the entire experience one you’ll not only stick with… it’s one you will totally enjoy!

And finally, there’s the need to be flexible.

Rather than cage you into a small set of foods and recipes, we created so many delicious recipes and alternatives…

Forget Bland Food!

Enjoy Every Bite of Every Meal

Now remember… here’s what you’ll receive today in your 14-Day Beauty Detox™  Program:

First, you’ll receive the exact list of foods you need to eat over your detox.

These foods are delicious… and, they are gentle on your system so your internal body can get the nutrients it needs and still rest at the same time.

These tasty menus were carefully planned to make sure you get a wide array of nutrient-packed food.

Delicious Recipes with Affordable Superfoods

Why is the 14-Day Beauty Detox™ unique?

Because every recipe is designed with a specific combination of inexpensive “Superfoods”… Superfoods that are widely known to help combat the root causes of DIF.

Each ingredient plays a key role in enabling your body to reset, renew, and revitalize itself quickly… so as your body is able to rest, it is also able to detox, deep-clean and rebalance itself.

The recipes support liver and kidney detox and support hormonal balance while nourishing your body on a cellular level… all while promoting healthy fat-burning. So you quickly feel rested, renewed, and re-energized!

These are recipes your entire family will love.

Plus, all of the recipes are quick and easy too. (Each recipe takes only 5 to 17 minutes to make… and that includes clean-up time! Double win!  🙂

Just look at a short list of the delicious menus you’ll indulge during your 14-Day Beauty Detox™:

Simple Quinoa Bowl            Arugula Bean Salad          Gluten Free Pancakes       Curried Carrot Soup

Your entire family will love the taste! And you may find yourself surprised at how delicious these unique combinations of Superfoods will be.

Eat All Of Your Favorite Foods…

Yes… Even Desserts

Finally, this is not a quick-fix “pill-based” solution. Frankly, if you are looking for a pill to cure DIF and slow the aging process, you have a long time to wait.

My team and I are all about experiencing the pleasure of eating to live.

If you’re honest with yourself, and I bet you are, you know there isn’t a magic pill or potion out there…… that can do the things that real, living, healthy food can do!

Plus, there’s a lot more you’ll be receiving…

Our team spared no expense at creating the fastest, tastiest, and friendliest Detox ever!

For example:

You get easy-to-follow shopping lists… so after just one trip to the store you’ll be set.

You get the list of the “Clean 15” foods you can safely eat without having to buy organic, so you can save money.

And the “Dirty Dozen” list of the 12 foods health experts strongly recommend you always buy organic.

So rather than wasting money, you can now invest only in the most vital foods for your continued health.

You also get a full guide with my own personal Homemade Beauty Recipes as part of your program.

*Digital Products – Image Used For Visualization Only *

Bonus: Rid Your Home of Toxins and Clean it The All-Natural Way

You also get a Natural Home Cleaning Guide…

As you saw a minute ago… toxic chemicals like benzene are everywhere… even in your soap, laundry detergent and more.

These safe, gentle all-natural substitutes not only clean as well as the harsh chemicals you are used to.  They smell great too… leaving your house smelling wonderfully fresh…

Bonus: Super-Beauty Video Series

How To Look Hollywood Beautiful

Without The Hollywood Cost

If you’ve ever felt miffed by the high-price of luxury anti-aging treatments… you will love this guide!

In this guide I am going to reveal my own personal home beauty routines…that keep me looking Hollywood Beautiful… without the Hollywood price!

These simple, Ayurvedic beauty routines add an in-home spa experience to your Detox!

We will also introduce you to ancient beauty secrets that have been used by women for centuries… including all-natural therapies that that can rejuvenate and restore your natural sense of well being.

And, as an added bonus to your, valued at $129.95, you’ll now receive our Super-Beauty Video Series!

In the first free video, you’ll meet me… and when you do… I just know we’re going to be fast friends! (Hey, I told you at the beginning of this letter that’s where we’d end up! 🙂

In this video I will reveal the fat-burning and youth-generating secrets that will flood your body with youthful energy… all while ensuring your hormones are restored to their full fat-burning and beauty-enhancing power.

You can consider these videos an “accelerator” to your Beauty Detox recipes and meal plan.

I will also reveal signs you need to be on the watch for: Tell-tale signs that your liver is exhausted, and how to reverse health problems associated with a tired liver.


The near-magical role of your liver in everyday life, from your hormones, to the appearance of your skin… and even weight loss!

In your second free video… I’m going to take you by the hand, and walk you step-by-step through emotional self-care and emotional detox principals.

This is your secret to creating even greater internal rest,  a more pleasant detox experience… and immune system rejuvenation through improved moods and emotional flow!

Your emotions serve your body like an immunity highway…

Picture a traffic jam on your way to work in the morning. Frustrating, isn’t it? Well, right now, your unresolved emotions are a traffic jam, too.  Some of which are caused from all those toxins I covered earlier.

And in this video we’ll get to the root cause so you can clear up that traffic jam, giving you green lights all the way through your Beauty Detox!

Finally, in your third free video… I’ll show you nature’s most valuable treasures… and how to use them to replace toxic sweeteners and sugars in your life.

Not only that, I’ll reveal how you can use them for detoxification and to protect you from cancers that are specific to women.

Now, before I share more with you… I need to have a chat with you about priorities.

Tell me if this sounds like you:

You love to go out with your friends and your family… celebrate life over a fantastic meal and wonderful conversation… and spend your free time doing the things you truly love.

And, if you’re like me, those things you love to do can add up in cost. However, we both spend money on the things that matter to us the most, right?

And when we are totally honest with our inner voice, we know that the most important treasure we own is our health and vitality.

Without Your Health,

You’re Destined to Live a Shell of a Life

Those good times with friends and family reduced to the occasional outing, restricted by how tired you get, and how fast that happens.

You may even begin to feel so sluggish that going out and having fun is more painful than just sitting at home watching reruns on television.

Just imagine now how much you would pay to have lost memories back again… to have the vitality and energy you need to suck the marrow out of life…

To spend more time with your kids, your grandkids, your loved ones and the things that make you YOU.

However, it’s just as gut-wrenching to let DIF rob you of living life to the fullest.

So, you may be expecting to invest a fairly large amount of money today into this tested, proven, enjoyable 14-Day Beauty Detox™.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact:

I’m going to explain how and why…

That is the real cost of not taking action today—the loss of living.

DIF can literally rob you of your physical life, that’s true:

The Entire 14-Day Beauty Detox™

May Not Cost You a Penny

Consider this:

How much money do you spend right now dining out? How much is your weekly grocery bill?

What if I told you that The 14-Day Beauty Detox™ can save you more than you’ll invest… while giving you back the most precious wealth there is: time.

Even when you factor in the low price of the 14-Day Beauty Detox™ Blueprint…

Every delicious recipe, smoothie, herbal fat-burner and health-enhancer…

You can end up saving money because you will be eating less expensive food for 14 days. And you will save even more money if you currently eat out a lot.

So, what if you DO have to eat on the run? You can! You’ll still do great on The 14-Day Beauty Detox™ … Because we made it that baby simple.

Now, before I share our special discount with you today… let’s look at your alternatives:

You could consider $300 Botox injections to erase the outward signs of DIF.

However, you would be ignoring the cause of DIF… and you’d be stuck on relying on those painful injections all the time without being free from the condition that’s making it all worse.

You may also consider hormone replacement therapy to increase your energy…  a therapy that costs some women hundreds of dollars every single month. (And one that’s been identified as dangerous for anyone who has the genes that cause breast or ovarian cancer.)

It’s not worth the risk.

You could also pay a visit to a qualified naturopathic doctor and nutritionist who could build you a custom detox.

If you did luck out and find the ideal doctor… (there are very few who deal with this as thoroughly as our Institute does)… the cost would be in the thousands.

And finally, you may consider searching online for an unproven detox program… one that has only word-of-mouth behind it…

one without the proven, tried-and-true principles we used to create The 14-Day Beauty Detox™ … and one that may seriously damage your health.

You really want to be safe… and that means trusting

A Proven Yet Simple Program

One that provides you with superior nutrition from real food so you not only stay healthy… You stay safe.

Plus one that was designed from the ground-up to be a lifestyle-friendly program, tailored for the busy person… ensuring you do not experience those “energy crashes” virtually EVERY other detox out there brags about.

Yeah, other programs are proud of the fact that they make you feel like crap! They think you have to suffer in order to gain any health benefits.

We know better… and so should you.

You know, it’s a very special time in history:

We’ve uncovered the secrets of Super Food Nutrition…

We’ve unlocked the power of specific combinations of foods and herbs that slow aging, restore energy, and erase DIF…  (which is part of the magic of the Beauty Detox program).

And perhaps best of all:

We live in the age of rapid healing:

Healing just 50 years ago would have taken months, even years.

And 50 years ago, no one had ever even heard of a “Super Food”… nor did we have the science to support the recovery that’s possible in such a short period of time.

Yet today, you have it all:

And it’s all found within The 14-Day Beauty Detox™!

Here’s Everything You Get Today

Inside The 14-Day Beauty Detox™ Program:

Our exact nutrition blueprint, including exactly what to do each and every day on your 14-day journey… (This is the foundational program that gave me my husband back) and it has a value of at least $47…

Our specially-designed Superfood Recipes… a value of $49.97…

Your “Natural Home Cleaning Guide”… the inexpensive all-natural way to clean your home safely and effectively… a value of $19.97…

PLUS: My Super-Beauty Video Series, valued at $129.97…

AND: Three “Mystery Bonuses” I’m about to reveal, valued at $59.97…

That comes to a retail value of $306.86…

And we would feel absolutely ethical by giving you a discounted price of just $97 for the entire Program…


You’re in for an even better deal…  simply for reading this open letter I created… and for lending me your attention today. You will be thrilled to know that The 14-Day Beauty Detox™…

Which includes all that you see above…

Will not cost you the thousands you might spend with a doctor… or the hundreds of dollars you might spend using beauty creams, Botox injections, hormone therapy, or energy pills.

Or the $306.86 we could charge you as an “off the shelf” customer price… Or even $97… which would be over a 300% DISCOUNT!

By acting right now and clicking the button below, you’ll receive instant access to the entire 14-Day Beauty Detox™  for only $47!

All for Only $47!

That’s only $4.78 per day!

Less than a cup of coffee… less than you’d pay for a few bags of chips… and far less than most people spend on ridiculous and dangerous energy drinks, bogus ‘beauty creams’… and… expensive spa treatments!

Less than $5 a day to turn back the clock on your face, your body, your energy levels… and erase your symptoms of DIF!

Just look below…

And click that button you see now.

Click the “Add to Cart” button and you will be taken to our secure checkout page

Yes I Want My Own Beauty Reset Today!

As soon as you have entered your information you will get instant access to The 14 Day Beauty Detox System that includes everything I’ve covered today within this letter PLUS Three “Super Bonuses” I’ll reveal in just a minute.

First, I just want to level with you about this special offer:

I’m not just going to give you The 14-Day Beauty Detox™  and leave you on your own. I’m inviting you to be a part of a thriving community of women…

Women who are dedicated to getting more out of life… while supporting and encouraging each other along the way.

Having a “tribe” like that will make your journey that much easier and even more fun.

However: Your free membership in this community, and our current presentation-only discount of just $47 for the entire Program, is limited by its very nature.

We can only give this degree of attention and care to a finite number of women. And, since so many women in our community invite their husbands and even their kids to join in… that makes this offer even more time-sensitive.

So, you absolutely must act now if you want to claim your spot and ensure this ongoing community support!

Do it right now by clicking the button you see below.

Your 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee:

Feel Vibrant and Energized Or Get Your Money Back!

You can even give this a try before you fully commit because I will fully guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Try the 14-Day Beauty Detox™  and test-drive it for yourself.

You will feel wonderfully rested…

You will feel cleaner, lighter, and more vibrant…

You will sleep better and have more energy throughout the day…

You will see and feel the kind of results you expect…

You will experience others complimenting you…

You will experience friendly, ongoing support to your satisfaction…

That’s our guarantee to you. If you experience anything different…  anything that does not leave you happy and fully satisfied… simply contact me within 60 days at support@yourbeautydetox.com.  And I’ll gladly refund your entire investment.

I want you to picture this now:

You’ve completed your 14-Day Beauty Detox™. You look amazing … and your energy, focus, body confidence, and skin has never been better.

Now, let’s say a few months goes by and BAM!… you’re hit with a super stressful business deadline.

Or maybe you run into a personal challenge of some kind… perhaps a friend or family member needs a lot of your time.

It could be anything… anything… that causes you stress. Stress can weaken your immune system and create more issues with Digestion-Induced Fatigue.

And that’s the last thing you want to deal with again.

Not only that… have you noticed that you tend to eat a bit more to cope with emotional stress? Nutritionists call this emotional eating… and I would like to give you, free of charge, an incredible tool to take back control:

This is really the final piece of your 14-Day Beauty Detox™… the part that will bring everything together for you…

And There’s More!

Here’s Another Gift When You Act Today

It’s called Hypnotic Meditation™. This is my own proprietary technology.

Science has proven the effectiveness and validity of meditation… and in today’s overly stressed world, it’s more important than ever.

And to make these meditations even more powerful…  they also include specific language to put you in a hypnotic-like trance… with a soothing, relaxing voice gently instilling your new healthy living choices into your inner most mind.

The end result is you get better results, faster… and, they are practically automatic…  you won’t even have to think about them…

That said, it can be a challenge to just find the time even to start.  That’s why I made these guided meditation audios.

You simply download them to your phone… put your headphones on, close your eyes and drift off into relaxation bliss.

Your first Hypnotic Meditation™ is called “Your Perfect Body™”… and it will help you to truly, deeply love your body just as it is.

It will also instill habits that help you to make more healthy choices with your food…  you may not even notice how easy this is at first… at least until the weight starts dropping off!

Your final  Hypnotic Meditation™ is called “Surgery Free Facelift™”… and in it your mind will be guided to specifically relax the muscles of your face.  When they do, it will look like years have been erased almost instantly.

Don’t be surprised if, after listening to this meditation for a few days… your friends and family ask you if you’ve “had some work done…”

Your second Hypnotic Meditation™ is called “Lose The Weight and Keep It Off™”. When you go through your 14-Day Beauty Detox™ one of the “side effects” will be that you lose weight…

But I want so much more than that for you…I want you to keep it off… permanently!

* Digital Products – Images for Visualization Only *


Nothing is worse than trying a new program… seeing amazing results… feeling better, healthier and more energetic… only to lose those results a short time later.

You deserve so much more than that. And this Hypnotic Meditation™ will help you get there.

There’s nothing to do but sit back, relax, and listen as these soothing meditations help curb your appetite… ease your anxiety, lessen your stress…

and free you emotionally, so you can make the decisions that are best for your health and your body more easily!

When you do… you’ll have no problem losing the weight… and keeping it off for good!

I’m including with your purchase today these 3 Hypnotic Meditations™ absolutely FREE!

I currently sell these on my website for $19.99 each, yet they’re yours when you order today. That way you can get a “quickie Detox” in whenever you’re feeling overly stressed… and reset your body and mind to their most healthy state in just minutes each day!

That brings your total retail value to well over $306.00 for everything in The 14-Day Beauty Detox™… all while your price today remains a super-low $47!

“Yes! I Want My Own Beauty Reset Today!”

Let’s Have a Look at What You Can Expect

to Experience in Your Detox Journey:

The first couple of days will be the most challenging…. I’m going to be completely honest with you.

The first few days of anything are always the most challenging. And we’ll be right with you to help you through this “healing window”.

However, this is also when the magic starts to happen:

Your energy is really going to start to skyrocket…

You’ll start noticing your stress lines… you know, those lines on your face that really shouldn’t be there… start to fade away.

You’ll experience better elimination and bowel movements, a decrease in hunger, and more focused energy.

You’ll start noticing your body fat releasing as well…especially in your lower tummy and upper thigh areas…(Others will notice it too!)

And about halfway through, you are going to feel like you are on top of the world.  You’ll think to yourself… “Why haven’t I done this before?! This is absolutely amazing!”

By the time you start the last week of your detox…

 You Will Start to Experience

What I Call Hyper-Focus

You’ll finish off your detox experience with an almost euphoric sensation.

Many say it’s a “feather-light feeling”… as if you were on a happy pill, without the side effects.

And just like that: you’ll awaken to an entirely new you!

So now it’s time for you to make a very important decision, as my time with you today is nearing a close:

Imagine yourself standing at a three-way intersection… you can go left, straight, or take a right turn:

  • Daily tasks will seem easier…
  • You’ll need less sleep…
  • You’ll get more done with less effort…
  • And your mind and memory will be sharpened like a fine piece of cutlery…

The left road has a sign on it that says Elsewhere Lane. That’s the road some people mistakenly take, thinking they can find a better deal if they just keep on looking. Well, that road is literally a dead-end.

Here’s the Only Thing You Need to Consider

This is the only place on earth you’ll find The 14-Day Beauty Detox™

There’s nothing else like it anywhere, and you will not find it in stores.

Now, picture the middle road… that street is called Same-Old Street. That’s perhaps the worst road to take.

If you choose to keep going and not do anything about DIF, when you literally have an entire blueprint done for you… who knows what will happen to you?

Maybe you’ll find yourself one of the few fortunate ones and simply get by with less energy and a few early wrinkles here and there. Sure, your hair will turn gray faster… and you will continue to struggle with your weight and your energy.

And, if you stay on Same-Old Highway long enough, you may lose all interest in taking loving care of yourself. Well, I desire so much more for you than that!

That’s why I’m urging you to take the only road that’s safe and smart: The Detox Highway!

The 14-day Detox is Baby Simple

Remember, All of the recipes are quick and easy too. Each recipe takes only 5 to 17 minutes to make and that includes clean-up time.

Plus, the program is super flexible.  You can make all your meals the night before or in the morning and take them with you for the day.  Literally all you have to do is eat fresh real food that tastes great!

The right road is only road you should take, if you care about your health and beauty, and the health and safety of your family.

​Click the button below right now, and I’ll greet you on the next page with your personal copy of The 14-Day Beauty Detox™.

Remember… you truly deserve to live your life feeling Fit, Vibrant and Healthy!

Yours in health and wellness,

“Yes! I Want My Own Beauty Reset Today!”

P.S. If you’re still here, you must have a few questions you need answered before making the decision to join us today.

Question: “Makayla, is The 14-Day Beauty Detox™ safe?”

Answer:   Absolutely! In fact, it would be far less safe for you to go on as you are now. Right now, your digestive tract and your immune system are taking a beating.

The toxins in your foods, the air, your water supply, and even common household items are slowly eating away at your looks and your health.

It’s imperative that you take this warning seriously, and give The 14-Day Beauty Detox™  the chance it deserves. Every part of your body will say “Thank you!”  for allowing it to rest, heal, restore, and revitalize.

Question: “Makayla, are there tasty smoothies that come with The 14-Day Beauty Detox™ and are they easy to make?”

Answer:  You know, the smoothies alone make the Detox worth it.  Included in your order today you’ll find the delicious recipes for:

  • Spring Greens Smoothie
  • Tropical Fruit Smoothie
  • Red Velvet Protein Smoothie
  • Berry Glowing Smoothie
  • Creamy Chocolate Energy Shake
  • Energy Booster

There’s nothing like the convenience of being able to drink your way to beauty and energy using these easy-to-make and yummy smoothies!

Question: “What if I notice myself losing more than 10 pounds on The 14-Day Beauty Detox™ ?”

Answer:  That is a real possibility, if your body needs to release that much water and toxins. If you are naturally thin, this will not happen.

However, if you desire to drop 15, 25, even 50 pounds, you may be surprised that the first 9 to 12 pounds practically fall off your body!

When your body is finished with the Detox, you’ll notice you will lose weight a bit more slowly, yet consistently… and far easier than before.

Yes! I Want My Own Beauty Reset Today!

Question: “Makayla, I’m experiencing less-than-satisfying sex. A friend of mine suggested that it may be because I feel bloated and puffy… and that this is causing me to emotionally shut down. I’m scared. Can this Detox help?”

Answer:  Obviously, I encourage you to speak to a doctor if you suspect anything of a medical nature.

That said: SO many women in our community report having better sex, and feeling better and more confident about their bodies.  This is a natural side effect of the detoxification process.

Question: “Makayla, do you guarantee the security of my credit card purchase AND the results of your Program?”

Answer:  Absolutely! Your satisfaction is the number one issue at hand.

First, we’ve encoded our servers with the highest level of encryption available…  and all that means is that your transaction with us today  is perfectly safe and secure.

Second, if we just wanted to make money, believe me, we would sell The 14-Day Beauty Detox™  in stores… packaged in a fancy box… with all the books, guides, worksheets, recipes printed on high end, glossy paper… with the videos and audios on expensive DVDs.

Then we’d hire some big-name celebrity to say she did it…  like a certain weight loss company we’ve all heard about. Sure, we’d make millions… yet, that’s not our focus in life or in business.

My husband and I consider this a spiritual mission:

To liberate you from the grasp of DIF…

To help you enhance and restore your beauty and your energy levels…

And to celebrate this healthy new you, as if you were a part of our family!

That’s why we created our “Total Satisfaction Pledge”:

You have 60 full days to experience The 14-Day Beauty Detox™  for yourself.

If for ANY reason you are not 100% thrilled with how you feel… how you look… your soaring new energy levels… or even with the way the clothes in your closet end up not fitting you anymore… you name it:

I will personally refund every penny you spend today. And, we will remain friends, no matter what.

Yes! I Want My Own Beauty Reset Today!

P.P.S. I just want to leave you with one last word of encouragement…

I have seen miracles within our community, and I want to add your name to that list of miracles.

I want to see you even more beautiful, with the energy you’ve dreamed of having.

Free from those dangerous, health-draining toxins…

Free from DIF… with the body you deserve…

And, inside a community that truly cares about you.

This is your time… right now.

You CAN Do This!

Yes! I Want My Own Beauty Reset Today!

* Digital Products – Images for Visualization Only *

Click the button below now… and just watch what happens when you try The 14-Day Beauty Detox™ …

it will be an amazingly beautiful experience!


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