Learn Violin In 30 Days! Violin Lessons Made Easy!


Imagine breathless listeners… gasps of amazement… and an uproar of applause… every time you play the violin!

“Who Else Wants To Discover the Astonishingly Simple Secrets to Mastering The Violin… in Less Than 30 Days – Guaranteed!”

“Even though I had NO previous musical experience, I was able to play two of my favorite song on the violin in just 30 days.

It was all easy because your lessons are well structured and straightforward and the videos are just great! Thank you so much LearnViolinin30days.com!”

– Melissa Watkins


Why It Works! (Say Goodbye to Dull Practice)

Let’s face it…learning to play an instrument can be one of the most grindingly boring experiences you will ever have. Sure being the center of attention as you play fantastic tunes perfectly and with flair is cool. But if you have to spend literally a thousand hours practicing to get it that point is it really worth it?

We didn’t think so.

We heard people around the world complaining about the ridiculous grind of getting good at a musical instrument and we decided to find a way to make it fun, fast and almost effortless. After all human beings have been playing music for thousands of years.

The result is this intuitive, revolutionary, fail proof program that taps into the musician inside all of us to get ANYONE playing Violin brilliantly in under thirty days.

So… why play the Violin? What is so great about it?

Frankly the violin is the instrument associated with class, style and prominence.

Right now the violin is hotter than ever, it is highly portable and it is THE instrument that everyone wants to learn to play.

Aside from the hours of fun you will get playing the violin, as a bonus you will…

… look cool in front of your friends,

… impress a partner,

… get respect,

… start a new career,

… have a rewarding hobby that brings self confidence and relaxation,

… improve your physical and mental health through relaxation and brain training,

… bring people together,

… be the star of a party,

… pass something down to your children, and leave your own little legacy,

It’s all possible with your new found ability to play Violin.



Our Easy to follow Video Lessons

Have access to hundreds of our online step-by-step videos that makes learning easy and fun!

piano lesson

  • Violin in 30 days program – A 30 day video series accompanied by violin exercises that will help you familiarize yourself with violin terms, notes and violin keys. This is a great course is you are a total beginner. The skills you learn here will allow you to play the violin casually, allowing you to play slow and simple songs such as romantic ballads, classics and some of the new hits from today.
  • Becoming a better violinist program – The next course after our 30 day program which will teach you intermediate skills to add to the basics you have learned from the previous program. This course will allow you to play faster or more complicated songs with more notes.
  • Becoming a master violinist program – Our advance violin lessons to let you play any song you like! If you dream of being a professional and paid violinist this course is for you!
  • Play violin by the ear program – With this program you will be able to play any song by ear! Now you can play any song even without a music sheet!

You will also have access to our genre specific training allowing you to be an expert on any or all of the music genres!

Our genre specific training includes:

  • How to play Jazz
  • How to (R&B) Rhythm and blues
  • How to play Rock
  • How to play Pop
  • How to play Country
  • How to play Gospel
  • How to play Classics
  • And many more!

Step-by-Step Famous Song lessons

Violin Lessons Videos - Step-by-Step Famous Song lessons


Most people want to learn the violin because they want to play their favorite songs on the violin. With this in mind, we have created hundreds of step-by-step video guides of the most famous and most requested violin songs!

So from the top hits of today and yesterday you can watch and learn how to play your favorite songs!

Better yet we update our video lessons every week! Meaning our database is never outdated as when a new or popular song is out you can be sure that it will be added in our database! Imagine rocking the party not only with classic songs but the newest one as well!

Not only that but you can also request any song you like to be added in our database. So if you did not find your favorite song in our database just email us or post it in our request forum so we can create a video tutorial of your favorite songs!


Members Only Violin Forum

Violin Lessons Videos - Members Only Violin Forum


With our Violin Forum you can interact with our team of violin teachers ready to help you on any of your violin concerns! So either you want to know what to look for before you buy a violin or need help learning to play a new piece our team of teachers or experts are all ready to help you!

Inside the forums you can:

  • Ask any Violin related concerns or questions
  • Unlimited support and consultation from our team of teachers and experts
  • Learn tips and tricks from other members!
  • Request new tutorials and video lessons of your favorite songs!
  • Meet new friends!

And many more!


Violin Softwares, Tools and Resources

Violin Lessons Videos - Violin Softwares, Tools and Resources

Our online tools will allow you to engage in highly efficient, away-from-the-violin practice and reinforcement of key violin skills and knowledge.

Our tools and softwares include:

  • Record and edit your own tracks and music tools
  • Violin quiz and games
  • Violin visualization tools
  • Play violin on your computer
  • Music Theory Flashcards
  • Violin flash cards

And many more!


Thousands of Music Sheets and Audio Files

Have access to thousands of music sheets and audio accompaniments you can use for practicing or learning new songs, including:

  • Music Sheets by Famous Violinists – Get a thrill by playing and practicing classical pieces by Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Paganini, and Vivaldi!
  • Popular Music Sheets by theme- Funny, Halloween, Wedding, Christmas, Occassions, Love and other musical scores!
  • Music Sheets by Popular Bands and Artists – Practice the most popular songs from all of your favorite bands and artists with our database of violin music sheets!
  • Violin Audios – Inspire yourself as you listen to heavenly violin music with ipod-ready mp3s of Violin Concertos by Paganini, Hilary Hahn, Brahms, Vanessa Mae, Corelli, Bela Bartok and Vivaldi.

And remember, LearnViolinIn30Days.com is a great option for learning Violin, because…

  • It’s more affordable than private tutors…
  • There are no embarrassing mistakes or feeling rushed (or held back) by someone else…
  • It’s always evolving, allowing you to learn new songs as they’re released…
  • Lessons are planned using Lateral Associative Leaning, giving you a way to understand and apply your new skills without over load, but also without boring repetitive work…
  • All video based, and scientifically proven to work….
  • A learning program that caters for play by ear types, and traditional sheet music types…
  • All Violin styles are covered…
  • Thriving community….
  • Tons of training aids, from software to sheet music and regularly added content…



Violin Lessons Videos - Ray James FullerLearnViolinin30days.com is the best violin tutorial out there! I have tried other violin products and tutorials but nothing comes close to LearnViolinin30days.com in terms of effectiveness, simply excellent. Definitely a must buy for anyone thinking of playing the violin.

– Ray James Fuller

Violin Lessons Videos - Stephanie DavisHi! I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your violin lessons. Your lessons are straightforward, simple and really effective. I never thought that I had the capability to play the violin and be musical. I don’t have enough time to practice as often as I would like. So it’s nice to learn at my convenience and at my own pace. This is something I’ve always wanted to do. Many thanks to LearnViolinin30days.com

– Stephanie Davis

Violin Lessons Videos - Brian FisherLooking for online lessons, I stumbled upon your website. Like other websites I visited, I was reluctant to spend money to find out that the material is not what it should be. In your case, having read all the information in your site, I thought it might be worth my while. I am not disappointed, in fact I am sounding a great deal better in following your lessons.

– Brian Fisher

Violin Lessons Videos - Rachel DudleyI was getting violin lessons at a studio to which I had to travel an hour and a half to go our group lessons. It was very exhausting. But the time I get to the studio, I was already tired and because I had to take it with a group of 4 people, the lessons are a bit staggering. Until I came to your site…I can take the lessons anytime I want plus I was having the lessons all to myself.

– Rachel Dudley

VViolin Lessons Videos - Ann GarciaEver since I was little I always wanted to play the violin. Violinists seem to have that effect on me, it’s just magical. As I got older, the possibility of learning the violin became much stronger and more realistic that I decided to take formal lessons. My friend suggested that I take your lessons first before I get an expensive tutor. I’m glad I followed my friend. I am very pleased with your lessons. I can say that I am officially a violinist. Thanks for putting up the lessons!

– Ann Garcia


1. Why learn with us?

From basic notes, fingering and chords, right through to melodies and harmonies… LearnViolinIn30Days.com is your complete roadmap to playing the Violin. Fast or slow, go at your own pace, complete solution including modern tutorials to play your favorite songs of today.


2. Is it right for you?

It doesn’t matter if you are old, young or somewhere in the middle.

You will have the logical, scientifically proven approach to learning the Violin in 30 days, thanks to the revolutionary Lateral Associative Learning model incorporated on each of our video lessons. (Same technique used in million dollar learning programs to learn a new language quickly!)

Whether you’re a beginner looking to get some beautiful melodies singing from your fingers, or you’re an intermediate who wants to get back into the swing after many years, this interactive, video based training program will have the lessons you need to take your Violin skills to whatever level you desire.


3. How quickly will you learn?

Our promise is that you’ll be playing at least ONE of your favorite songs on the Violin within 30 days.

Then, before you know it, you’ll be reading, playing by ear, improvising and crafting your own unique blend of sweet music that the whole family and friends want to listen to.

And we’re backing that up with a full guarantee… so you achieve success or it won’t cost a penny.


4. Is it worth it?

The way We see it, learning Violin is worth ten times the small entry fee we’re asking for. That’s why most people happily pay private tutors hundreds of dollars for a tenth of what we offer inside LearnViolinIn30Days.com.


And remember, LearnViolinIn30Days.com is a great option for learning violin online, because…

  • It’s more affordable than private tutors…
  • There are no embarrassing mistakes or feeling rushed (or held back) by someone else…
  • It’s always evolving, allowing you to learn new songs as they’re released…
  • Lessons are planned using Lateral Associative Leaning, giving you a way to understand and apply your new skills without over load, but also without boring repetitive work…
  • All video based, and scientifically proven to work….
  • A learning program that caters for play by ear types, and traditional sheet music types…
  • All violin styles are covered…
  • Thriving community….
  • Tons of training aids, from software to sheet music and regularly added content…



We find this to be the most exciting part:

The best part is JOIN NOW! And receive all the Violin Lessons with your bonuses and receive them within 5 minutes!

You can actually start learning how to play the Violin within 5 minutes… yes, that is right… WITHIN 5 MINUTES !

Our computer will automatically email you a secret web site address and password within 5 MINUTES of receiving your order so that you can benefit from the information almost immediately.

Digital Delivery = Instant Gratification!

This is an instant gratification information product that is now

available exclusively via digital delivery. This means:

You pay no shipping costs.

No waiting weeks for snail mail postal delivery.

No risk of products damaged or lost in the mail.

You get the lessons at a lower price, since we have less overhead.

Still Hesitating? Try it Risk-Free!

Violin Lessons Videos - Guaranteed


P.S. The only way you can find out how great all of this can be is to get started today. Once you join you would be able to instantly download all the Violin Lessons and Bonuses, so what are you waiting for?

P.P.S. And remember, your purchase is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you’re anything less than absolutely thrilled with your subscription within 60 days, you can instantly refund your membership by going here. We’ll return your investment in full ASAP.

P.P.P.S If you miss this opportunity you WILL regret it. Haven’t you always wanted to play and instrument and play it well. This is the best chance you are ever going to have. DO NOT MISS OUT. Join Now and have instant access!

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