How To Keep Your Boyfrıend From Cheatıng

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How To Keep Your Boyfrıend From Cheatıng

Let’s face it – guys are more likely to cheat if they are not getting what they want from their girlfriends. It’s simply human nature – we all want to have a great sex life with our partner.

Most men, and women for that matter, fantasize about other partners. But for either sex, if they have a great sex life with their partner, then they are much less likely to cheat.

But men seem to have it hard-wired in their DNA to want to have sex with any pretty woman who crosses their path. For a lot of guys, even when they are in a relationship already, it’s pretty much a battle to not want to have sex with every hot chick that they see. It’s as if we were meant to hump every hot girl who crosses our path in order to keep the population of the planet way up there. It’s a very primal feeling that most guys have most of their lives and you’re not going to change that any time soon.

But there are quite a few things that you can do in order to keep your guy from cheating.

Don’t Let Yourself Go

The first thing that you can do is to make sure that you don’t let yourself go. In other words, stay in shape. Don’t get fat. Work out, or jog, or do yoga or play sports – whatever keeps your body moving and your heart pumping. The better shape that you are in, the more turned on he’s going to be by you behind closed doors when all your clothes come off…

I once had a girlfriend who gained a lot of weight in the two years that we were together. I didn’t leave her just for that, but honestly, it did play a factor. I kept thinking, “When’s it going to stop? What is she going to look like in 5 years from now? Does she not care anymore about herself or me?”

Those are the types of thoughts that us guys start to have when our girlfriends start to let themselves go. This girl who I am talking about was the perfect match for me in every way, but her gaining weight and just a few other factors pushed me over the edge.

The bottom line is simple – don’t let yourself go just because you have a boyfriend. Stay in shape.

Be Adventurous

The other thing that you can do to keep him from cheating is to be sexually adventurous. I have had lots of girlfriends who were very kinky, wild and adventurous in bed, and I’ve also had ones who were a complete bore.

For most guys, the kinkier and the more wild the better. And if you’re not willing to go there, then there will always be some other girl who will be.

This doesn’t have to be super wild and kinky – it’s much more of an attitude than anything else. The winning attitude is an adventurous attitude where you really, genuinely want to try new adventurous things with him.

To me, the biggest turn on is to be with a woman who is very sexual, adventurous in bed, and who is willing to try just about anything just to see what it’s like. So be adventurous. What are some adventurous things that you can do?

It could be have sex in the car, or giving him a blowjob in a secluded but public park at night or in the great outdoors. It could be sex on the beach, or a blowjob on the beach. Or, it could be a trip to the adult store where you both can pick out new sex toys to experiment with. If you want to be real adventurous, try having sex with your guy in front of other couples or people – that’s really adventurous.

The other thing that you can do is to dress really sexy. Show cleavage, or don’t wear a bra when you go out. Let those puppies have some freedom and enjoy it as much as he does.

Guys love a woman who dresses sexy – and that can mean wearing mini-skirts or lingerie that he really likes. It can also mean wearing something that is a bit see-through – that’s about guaranteed to drive your boyfriend wild.

I’m sure that you know better than me how to dress sexy, so just do it. It will keep most if not all of his attention on you.

Do This One Thing

Last but not least, one of the best things that you can do in order to keep your boyfriend from cheating is to give him great blowjobs.

The truth of the matter is that we are always creating semen – it pretty much has to be released on a regular basis and how often depends upon the guy.

But the point is that if you make sure that he comes often with you, then he won’t want to go anywhere else to have it done.

It pretty much builds up in us and the more it builds, the more we want to have sex. So, if we haven’t had an orgasm for a while, we get really, really horny.

So, use that physiologically reoccurring event to your advantage by draining his pipe as often as he wants it to be done.

But getting back to the blowjob – the advantage to giving blowjobs is that you can use it as a way to keep him satisfied between your sexual encounters. If you’re a busy woman who doesn’t have the time to be having sex as much as your boyfriend wants it, then give him a quick blowjob – heck, you don’t even have to remove one article of clothing.

If you give him quick blowjobs on a regular basis between sex then he won’t even have the time to recuperate to have sex with other women.

The truth is that if you can keep your boyfriend sexually satisfied, then he’s not going to even want to cheat. And giving great blowjobs on a regular basis is a great way to keep him satisfied.