10 Things you’ll recognise if you’re dating someone who’s in love with their car

Their car has a name...

As it's Name Your Car Day, we reflect on the things your partner will do if they have an unhealthy relationship with their car.

You have to allow time at the weekend- While they clean their car. Whether that's taking it to a car wash, hoovering it out or pressure washing it on the drive- they like to keep their car in tip-top condition.

They treat it with respect- They always drive at the correct speed and park it in the safest place possible to avoid bumps and grazes.

They don't allow you to eat or drink in their car- If you want a snack, eat it before or after you go on a journey with them. They don't take kindly to crumbs or food detritus. Or smokers, smokers can walk.

Their car always smells great- Yours has an odour of farts, mud and stale food but theirs always has a whiff of Pina Colada or fresh linen and it makes you feel ashamed to get back in your own stinkmobile.

They have a dislike of birds- If a bird decides to soil their car they have to wash ASAP before it settles in and is harder to remove- all the while cursing ALL the birds- even the innocent ones.

They refuse to go to country shows and drive through safari parks- For fear that their car will get encrusted in dirt or attacked by monkeys. You have to think outside the box when it comes to date ideas- or take your own car and risk the elements and the animals.

They're always prepared to give people a ride- Their car is passenger ready, with clean seats and space, whereas you have to have a mini valet before letting anyone in yours and dread someone asking for an impromptu lift.

Their car has a name- They always call it by its chosen name and if you say anything negative about it they tell you to be quiet because it will hear you.

They talk to it- They admit that when they're in the car alone- they talk to their automobile. It's a very one-sided conversation as you might expect but somehow it brings them comfort

They refuse to get rid of it- Even if it's old, dropping to bits and costing them a fortune at every MOT and service, they have an attachment that means they will pay anything to keep it on the road.

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